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October 28

The Worst of Saturn/Ketu Is Over

     The May 3 Celestial Wheel first discussed the difficult Saturn/Ketu conjunction, in the section Next Fall's Celestial Battle.  The June 11 Celestial Wheel offered specifics, and in Upcoming Gas Peak, stated,

     The conjunction begins when Saturn transits into Leo mid July (the upper chart).  Because Saturn is such a slow planet, he doesn't do much by himself initially.  Too, Ketu will be at a distant fourteen degrees then.  Saturn and Ketu don't come into close conjunction until October 19


     October 19 dovetails with the California forest fires beginning October 20, Despite Progress, California Fires Still Pose Threat.  Although these fires were not specifically predicted, they certainly make sense.  Ketu is Pitta (fiery), Saturn/Ketu are in fire sign Leo, Ketu brings weirdness, and Saturn is things under the earth. and thereby the forest roots.  Saturn also brings continuing and slow destruction.  The drought in the Southeast is another Saturn/Ketu tribulation.

     Saturn and Ketu reached exact conjunction October 23 and are now separating -- over one degree apart, as they continue to move away from each other.  But as the California fires still burn, they evidence Saturn/Ketu harms continue, albeit gradually abated.  Too, as described in the October 18 Celestial Wheel (below), Saturn afflicts both Venus and the Sun, and communications planet Mercury is retrograde until November 2. 

     Expect conditions to gradually improve after November 2.  What is meant here is that the planetary karmas as expressed in the world transit chart will be less egregious, for transits describe global influences.  Still, challenge continues, usually in spurts.   Tuesday, October 30 is extremely difficult, for then the all-important Moon is with Mars.

     On a personal level, many have experienced Saturn/Ketu stresses and losses, including health issues, and in a very general way, you should find life's challenges easing off after November 2 -- next weekend.  Still, as Saturn and Ketu continue in Leo until next spring, don't expect problems to suddenly go away.  In fact, setbacks will continue, and only diligent effort can bring gradual resolution.  This isn't a time for gains but rather to minimize losses.  


U.S. Chart Planetary Cycle Change 

     The U.S. chart changed Dasas (planetary cycles) October 26 from undue optimism to a dose of Saturnian reality, as explained in the September 9 Celestial Wheel,

     This optimism elicits from the U.S. chart's planetary cycles (the river of life's underlying karmas) being Moon/Venus/Jupiter from August 6 to October 26.  This combination of benefic planets stimulates hope and optimism.  Yet, these influences belie the transit (weather on the river) effects of the destructive Saturn/Ketu conjunction.  Further, because the U.S.'s chart's transit Jupiter is in the twelfth house of loss, Jupiter's wisdom is lost.


     Now, the U.S. chart's planetary cycles are Moon/Venus/Saturn, and this line-up continues until January 31.  As stated in the October 7 Celestial Wheel, then Saturn replaces Jupiter, stimulating a harsh reality check.

     The stock markets are illustrative here, though there's so much psychology in markets that predicting specific movements is beyond this astrologer's skill.  Market indices recovered from the Saturn/Ketu precipitous drop in July/August as investors were influenced by the Moon/Venus/Jupiter optimism.  This month stock prices settled in response to inevitable continuing consequences of the real estate bubble bursting, high oil prices and the dollar moving downward.  But there was an upward tick at the very end of Moon/Venus/Jupiter as investors seized upon any good news.

     Expect Saturn's harsh reality check to drop markets again.  Too, expect gasoline prices to finally move upward in response to record high oil prices.  The below graph, from MSN Money, shows the price movements of the DOW.  It's a good source for stock market movements, giving information for various intervals and including other indices, such as the S&P and NASDQ. 



Dick Cheney

     The V.P should be dead by now, but somehow he continues along. Of course, Cheney is so secretive, we don't know of health challenges, except those few he releases to the public.  Cheney has resisted all kinds of challenging karmas, and there's another sensitive period coming up during the second and third weeks in November.


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October 18


     The Celestial Wheel has uses the word chaos to describe the planetary karmas resulting from the Saturn/Ketu conjunction interval -- from mid August to the end of October.  While there have been numerous upsets, there haven't been any major events typically labeled chaotic, like the hurricane Katrina destroying New Orleans.  This sluggishness results because Saturn, although undeniable, is slow to act. 

     Unlike quick and violent Mars -- 9-11 and the London subway bombing -- Saturn grinds away, much like a glacier, destroying everything in its path.  Thereby, it won't be until the very end of this sensitive period, perhaps even later, that we'll be able to grasp the nature and extent of harms predicted on August 12:

Gasoline prices rising to a new peak

Economic decline brought on by real estate crashing

The U.S. government entering into a two month crisis

The Iraq war coming to a head

Iran will be attacked by either the U.S. or Israel

The August 28 total lunar eclipse dropping Dick Cheney's blood pressure or shaming him

G.W. Bush would lose stature, power, mental capabilities -- and suffer health issues, which will sooner or later culminate in a nervous breakdown and/or an associated stroke


     This Saturn Slow chaos relates to the Planetary Lethargy described in the last Celestial Wheel, below.  Some harms, however, are revealing themselves more quickly and obviously than others.  Examples follow:


Gas Prices

     10/16 Supply Concerns Propel Oil to New Record includes these revealing statements,

Retail gas prices have not kept pace with oil's recent rally into record territory, as many analysts had expected. At the pump, the average national price of a gallon of gas rose 0.2 cent overnight to $2.759 a gallon, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. Gas prices are 53 cents higher than a year ago, but have fallen over the last month. That could change, however, now that oil is again on the rise.

"Consumers will now see higher prices at the pump in the coming months and weeks," said John Kilduff, vice president of risk management at MF Global UK Ltd.


Real Estate

     The severity and unsavory nature of the the real estate bubble is finally bubbling to the surface.

      The October 8 Celestial Wheel stated, 10/1 Enron's Second Coming editorial by Paul Krugman of the New York Times compares Countrwide Mortgage to Enron.  It's a foreboding comparison

     The10/18  SEC Reviews Countrywide CEO Stock Sales article reveals more shenanigans, Countrywide is one of a dozen companies the SEC is investigating in connection with the fallout from rising defaults on some home loans.

     10/11 The O.C. Mortgage Bust -- Jobs Dry up In Subprime Heartland  reveals why so many unwitting people bought homes with these risky and unaffordable mortgages,  ...some of the most skilled agents previously sold cars or time shares. They had lots of drive but rarely a college education.

     10/16 3 Major Banks Offer Plan to Calm Debts in Housing acknowledges the problem is not behind us, but rather ahead of us.

     10/17 Paulson, Bernanke Say Housing Woes May Last is finally an administration admission of this most serious economic tragedy

     10/18 Japan and China lead flight from the dollar demonstrates global fallout from U.S. real estate concerns.

     10/14 We are overpaid, say US executives may appear unrelated, until one looks at how much financial services executives are paid.  Watch salaries drop for these fallen heroes of The Second Gilded Age.



     Turkey Resolves to Give Go-Ahead for Raid in Iraq



     These articles show that the U.S. bombing Iran is more than a possibility.

     10/16 Many in the US Military Think Bush and Cheney Are Out of Control discusses their desire to bomb Iran.

     10/17  Neighbors Join Call Against Attack on Iran shows how concerned countries in the region are about the U.S. goal of bombing Iran.



     See PBS's 1017 Frontline documentary, Cheney's Law, is now available online.



More Saturn-Slow Restrictions

     This World Transit chart for today shows Saturn almost exactly aspecting (glancing upon) Mercury retrograde.  As Saturn blocks and deceives, it naturally causes all kinds of communications concerns.

     The really interesting part of this chart, however, is Saturn's comprehensive harms to both the Sun and Venus.  Saturn sits in Leo, ruled by the Sun, and it aspects the Sun, now very weak in its fallen sign of Libra.

     Similarly, Saturn remains conjunct Venus, and Saturn additionally aspects Libra and Taurus, both ruled by Venus. 

     Thereby, The Sun and Venus are truly harmed now.  Rather than go into specifics now, understand this is an unhappy and stressful time over the entire globe.

World Transit Chart October 18, 2007

     However, Saturn is the remover of misery.  Like his deity, Lord Shiva, he Removes that which is no longer necessary to make room for the new.  Saturn is thereby the ultimate purifier -- and that must be welcome to all of good heart, despite the inevitable pain to many.


Record Website Hits

     The October 14 Celestial Wheel entry asked subscribers to refer others to this unique world forecasting effort.  In fact, website visits reached a new highs and interest continues to be elevated.  Also Arizona subscriber LC lauded that Celestial Wheel's content, I hope your other subscribers congratulate you on such a well written, entertaining yet sobering article. Congratulations.  Thank you all!


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     This astrologer spent over 20 years in the second home and rental real estate industry, and it seems timely to offer this expertise to the public.  The Business Consultations page on this website has been changed to Real Estate Consultations.   Take a look,




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October 14

Planetary Lethargy

     In Vedic Astrology, the nine planets symbolize literally hundreds of things and concepts.  When they combine, as Saturn and Ketu are from mid August through the end of October, their symbolisms mesh, and this includes the ruler of the sign in which they are transiting.  In this case, it's the Sun.  So, we need to consider how Saturn, Ketu and the Sun act in concert.  Also, like a food recipe that creates new flavors and textures from those of the ingredients, planetary combinations bring effects beyond the planets' meanings.

     For example, the Sun is power, the body and the self.  Saturn's restrictions bring lethargy and sluggishness*.  Tail-of-the-dragon eclipse point Ketu's energy makes the energetic Sun lazy and also brings a perception of loss.  These effects extend to the physical body -- the Sun is the heart, and Ketu stimulates low blood pressure.  Additionally, weariness, impatience and general discontent occur.  Confidence is naturally also harmed, and there can be resistance to, and resentment of, authority figures.  Ennui and melancholia are particularly apt terms here.  They even sound tired.  These qualities describe your personal experiences, as well as national and global influences.  So, for example, you may have issues with your supervisor but lack the confidence and motivation to object.  This results in harming interest and enjoyment in your job -- perceiving it as lost.  You may even exhibit passive/aggressive behavior with any authority figure, or anyone trying to tell you something.  Resentment is never useful, however.

     In world affairs, the Sun is government, particularly leadership.  Thereby, the public, media and legislators complain about the administration but don't take action.  Grumpiness replaces law making.  Legislators (Congress) feel abused by everyone, for their perceived impotence prevents them from effectively dealing with problems.  And they are mistreated for that -- by both allies and enemies.  As Saturn is also loss, it suspects everything, and can even be paranoid -- like G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney.  The public and media thereby become suspicious of government, and may even feel rebellious, though they won't take much, if any, action.  Even if they do, the Saturn/Ketu quality of big plans falling apart prevails.

     Add to this crud that Venus's joy, contentment and pleasures are blocked due to Venus conjoining Saturn and Ketu.  Finally, Mercury retrograde muddles the mind, completing the ingredients for the blahs.

     Too, as many recipes call for long simmering ingredients to achieve the desired effect, the longer planets associate, the great their effects -- and the Saturn/Ketu/Sun stew is still on the stove.

     The predicted government crisis and economic losses (including the stock markets) have muddled along -- in the doldrums.  Yet, the cooking is not yet done.  We need to wait til the fat lady sings, and if any readers take exception, suspecting criticism of overweight people, remember this saying is about Kate Smith who sang the national anthem a the end of sporting events.  (In Mercury retrograde, being misunderstood is the norm, not the exception.)

     There have been discouraging events, which can stimulate some muted encouragement, however.  After all, even bad news can be good, if it brings a positive result -- such as resolving the Iraq war and dealing with the ticking real estate time bomb.  Here are some weekend cheerless articles to cheer you up!

Ex-Commander In Iraq Faults War Strategy -- "No End in Sight," Says Retired General Sanchez.

Spies, Lies and FISA

Former Phone Chief Says Spy Agency Sought Surveillance Help Before 9/11

Banks to set up $80 billion fund to limit credit crunch

(*Thanks to subscriber B.R. in Arizona for adding these and some other descriptors in this section.)


More Gilded Age Spam

     The October 9 Celestial Wheel, below, in the section entitled Spam, ended with, Don't they ever get tired of new schemes to drain us dry?  Obviously not.  As we remain in the Second Gilded Age until next November, we must expect, though certainly not welcome, more financial manipulation to further transfer wealth to the rich. 

     Today's On and Off The Hook explains that financial services companies are trying to gain control over retirement funds.  This is amount is so huge, $2.3 trillion ($2,300,000,000,000), that investment banks and others can't resist.  But we should resist, even in our lethargy, for this can only result in those companies profiting at the expense of public, yet again.  After all, they just played the same game with homeowners, though their greed is turning back on itself to harm them, as investment scams always and inevitably do.


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October 8

Media Review

     Celestial Wheel research includes both charts and news stories.  The latter are book marked, and periodically reviewed. Then, cogent article links are inserted into Celestial Wheel topic areas.  The following sections of this Celestial Wheel is such an exercise.  Perhaps it will shed some further light upon emerging trends.


Second Gilded Age

     Anderson Cooper is the adventuresome lead CNN news anchor.  His mother is fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt, the great, great granddaughter of Cornelius Vanderbilt -- the railroad and shipping magnate of the First Gilded Age.  It's provocative this great, great, great grandson of a Robber Baron makes his mark in this Second Gilded Age.

     The Celestial Wheel has not yet seriously addressed the presidential candidates because there remains too much lead time, and events often overwhelm or overcome early leaders -- example, Howard Dean.   However, Hillary Clinton's emergence as the lead in the Democratic party begs some analysis. (Note: Unfortunately, Hillary's birth time continues to be debated with no agreement so far.)  That the U.S. chart is "running" the two female planets, Moon and Venus, karmically supports Hillary over her male competitors.  So, Hillary fits right into this Second Gilded Age.  Another quality here is that the Gilded Age is defined by its power-hungry Moon, stimulating a desire of power and control over others, not democratic values.  So, it appears okay to have a political dynasty, even as the Bush dynasty has failed.

     Additionally, Hillary is in the First Baby Boomers group -- people born between June 28, 1946 to December 14, 1947.  Those folks have a powerful yoga (special combination) that gives great power, career durability, relentlessness and a no holds barred psychology.  Both Bill and Hillary have this yoga, as do G.W. and Laura Bush.   Note that the February 6, 2006 First Baby Boomers in depth forecast suggested, For elections, look for candidates with the Yoga running against others without the Yoga.  The former have the power to dominate, with no holds barred.  Further, candidates have victory-insurance if the spouse also has the Yoga, .  (This is because people share karma with their spouses.) 

     Other Democratic yoga holders are second tier candidates Bill Richardson.and Dennis Kucinich.  On the Republican side, only Mitt Romney (3/12/47) has the baby-boomers yoga.  (Note: Romney's wife does not have the yoga.)

     Applying this yoga, the candidates for the general election will be Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney, and Hillary will win. 


The Stock Markets

     Despite continuing bad news about the housing market, which harms are also being seen in corporate earnings, the stock markets have again zoomed to new heights.  See the 10/5 Dow and S&P hit records on solid jobs report and the 10/7 An Uneasy System -- Stocks are on the Rise, Even as the Economy Loses Steam.

     These earnings declines are significant.  See the 10/1 Citigroup Sees 3Q Earns Down 60 Percent and the 10/5 Merrill Lynch to post 3Q Loss.  Further, it makes no sense for investors to view these June through September shortfalls as the final harms of the real estate bust -- for real estate's decline has truly just begun. 

     The July 14 Celestial Wheel, in response to the stock markets reaching new highs, asked the question, Are Investor's Crazy?  By the middle of August, the DOW had dropped below 12,000.  Now with the DOW again at a new high, surging over 14,000, the same question can be asked, Are Investor's Crazy?

Yesterday's Celestial Wheel predicted the markets will decline seriously this week and next.

     The 10/1 Enron's Second Coming editorial by Paul Krugman of the New York Times compares Countrwide Mortgage to Enron.  It's a foreboding comparison. 

     As the banks continue to experience dropping profits, their Enron-greedy executives will look to bank credit card divisions to replace real estate mortgage losses.  Part of their strategy relates to consumers resorting to credit cards because home equity loans are no longer available, 10/6 Consumer Borrowing Up Sharply In August.  That is, the banks know very well consumers are relying upon plastic more than ever, which means consumers are very obedient in making credit card payments and won't challenge fees -- for fear of losing this last source of borrowing.  So, the banks will be very aggressive:  hiking fees, adding new fees, raising interest rates and fraudulent schemes -- like holding your payment check until after the payment due date and having payments due on a holiday.  Watch your credit card statements carefully, preferably on-line, to catch any of these increases and protest any unfair charges.  The reality is, the banks need you to have credit cards just as much as you need them to survive cash shortfalls.

     Provocatively, Congress is now also finally poised to rein in the predatory practices that have become all too common in the credit card business, 10/6 Common Sense And Credit Cards

Of course, we shouldn't expect much in restoring fairness in this last year of The Second Gilded Age, and too, during Saturn/Ketu big plans fall apart



     If you're like me, you hardly even notice anymore when spam increases, and you certainly don't pay attention to what junk they're hawking.  As explained in the 10/6  The Fed Jammed Your In-Box , in-boxes also took an increased hit as spammers exploited the recent market slowdown and subsequent interest rate cut by the Federal Reserve,” Symantec noted in its monthly State of Spam report ( Much of the increase came from “spam directed towards homeowners and prospective homeowners offering refinancing, home equity loans, and actual houses,”

     Don't they ever get tired of new schemes to drain us dry?  Obviously not.


Saturn/Ketu Illness

     Although not a major prediction, the Saturn/Ketu conjunction brings illness.  This was suggested in the June 11 Celestial Wheel, Too, there is a potent karma for disease. The concern arises from Saturn being the planet of death and chronic illness, Ketu stimulates that (especially Ketu-weird disease), and they are conjoining in Leo, ruled by the Sun -- a significator of the body.

     Here are three articles about such weird diseases: 9/16  Pig Disease in China Worries the World,  9/15  Infectious skin disease found in Texas and 9/28  6 Die From Brain-Easting Amoeba in Lakes

     Also, longtime subscribers will recall that in the spring of  2006, The Celestial Wheel predicted a Bird Flu pandemic for the fall of 2006, 5/06 The Risk Of A Bird Flu Pandemic.  While there hasn't been any recent U.S. press about Bird Flu, the international press is full of new alerts.  Google Bird Flu and select the News option at the top of the Google search page to see these international warnings.   Saturn and Ketu remain together in Leo until next May.


U.S. /India Nuclear Deal

     The March 5, 2006 Celestial Wheel was critical of the Bush administration's nuclear deal with India.  Being purposely arranged by India during Mercury retrograde, it does not serve U.S. interests.  (See the section, Bush In India.)   This deal has not been completed, and there's current news it may be defeated, 10/6  Questions About the India Deal, Finally


The Bush Presidency

     The last in-depth Celestial Wheel was the June 5, The Bush Presidency Update -- Part 1 June 3 to July 28.  Those predictions were largely born out, and this one Bush's ability to think clearly and speak coherently is completely blocked, preventing him from effectively defending his positions and uttering inane, even nonsensical statements, is beginning to ring true.  Read the following article, including between the lines, 10/7  An Exit Toward Soul-Searching -- As Bush Staffers Leave, Questions About Legacy Abound


The Celestial Wheel -- Art & Design

     For nearly a decade, Vince Fazio has created the art and design for this website, including The Celestial Wheel.  Vince's creativity, skill and organizational talent have been indispensable in this effort, for which he did from his starving artist heart.  Vince has had his high end fine art website up for a couple of years,  N ow he's also offering really affordable paintings -- One session paintings on an intimate scale.  Check out small paintings - blog on his website, or go directly to this new offering at



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October 7

Picking Up From The September 25 Celestial Wheel

     It's been nearly two weeks since the last posting -- Tuesday, September 25.  That Celestial Wheel began by reviewing the Saturn/Ketu conjunction impacts:

The Saturn/Ketu Conjunction

     We're over half way through the mid August to mid October period of chaos brought by the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu -- which has been described and discussed many times in previous Celestial Wheels

     Don't be lulled into complacency just because the past couple of weeks have been relatively calm.  Disruption peaks resulted in August when Mercury, the Sun and Venus passed through the Saturn/Ketu pincers, and the eclipses occurred in late August and early September.  More challenges are ahead, notably as Venus again transits into Leo to join Saturn and Ketu.  This will begin as the calendar turns to October and become acute mid month, when Venus is caught in between Saturn and Ketu. Also, Mercury retrograde begins October 12, bringing confusion to whatever disturbances occur.


     Certainly there has been a deluge of government challenges this past week --the Blackwater mercenaries, the prisoner torture nightmare arising again, Bush vetoing the children's health insurance bill...  Then there's the weird stuff -- Bill O'Reilly's racist comment, Rush Limbaugh condemning veterans protesting the Iraq war and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' mean-spirited biography.  Finally, there are the recent tragedies --  the New York City natural gas explosion, the Tacoma, Washington foundry explosion and the Crandon, Wisconsin mass murder.  After reading and listening to these endless tails of woe, the mind overloads and memory blurs.  Part of this reaction is that Saturn's form and structure and discipline are thrown to the winds by Ketu's dissolving influence.  Another piece of this is that Saturn's patience is harmed.

     Saturn/Ketu chaos will build further as these two malefics continue to move approach each other this week and Venus draws closer and closer to them.  (Saturn/Ketu are currently just over two degrees apart will conjoin exactly on October 19.)  Expect, then, a turmoil continuation this week.  Third quarter corporate earnings reports flooding in this week can overcome the stock markets' undue enthusiasm.  See, Stock Slip As Investors Await Earnings.

     On Sunday, October 14, Venus will be sandwiched between them, signaling a burst of malefic energy.  Additionally, because transit Mars will then be crossing the U.S. chart's seventh house Venus suggests, problems with debts, investments, enemies and groups.  The stock markets could be jolted the next day, Monday, October 15.  (Note: although much of America is financially stressed, and hundreds of thousands of homeowners see foreclosures ahead, it is a collapse of the stock market that would throw the entire country into a major recession.)

     That Mercury turns retrograde October 12 (to November 2) will both cause confusion about the meaning of world events and block their resolution.  Finally, the U.S. chart finishes its benign and excessively optimistic Moon/Venus/Jupiter Dasa planet sequence October 26; then Saturn replaces Jupiter, stimulating a harsh reality check.  (Note, this difficult Saturn subcycle continues until the end of January.)  Perhaps then, the mid August to mid October chaos should be extended -- at least through the end of October.

     In addition to upsetting world events, many have been experiencing severe stresses and losses in their personal and business lives.  As Saturn/Ketu destructions are transit -- and thereby transitory -- these fortunately tend to be fairly temporary, even as their gravity and consequences in key life areas -- job, home, relationship, health... -- can have long term impacts.  Yet as the karakas (indicators) of enlightenment, Saturn and Ketu do propel one along the path toward spiritual growth, although their inherently dissonant energies make this process extremely difficult.  One person described this process a wrenching death and rebirth.  In this situation, it's usually best to just ride the karmic wave to its end on whatever new shore awaits you.  The August 25th Celestial Wheel made this same suggestion,


     Keep in mind, the long two months of the Saturn/Ketu conjunction is yet in an early stage.  So, either begin to let go now, or experiences frustrations and failures for the next six plus weeks.  Then, in late October, when the disintegrations from Saturn/Ketu ease off, you can put in place more personally meaningful plans to improve your life, and that of greater humanity as well.


     For clients, a chart Update can be helpful now.  Only a few days notice is needed, and the $75 minimum fee is purposely affordable.  New client consultations are naturally more involved and costly, but even these can be completed in a week or so.


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