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A Technological Breakthrough
Published September 30, 2003



     The July 18, Trends For 2nd Half 2003 Forecast suggested an economic rebound by stating, "Advances in technology will be a bright spot for the economy and may again lead the country to economic expansion beginning in early 2004."  

     This prediction was postulated upon powerful dispositions of the planets symbolizing technology -  industrial Saturn, scientific Rahu and machinery Mars - along with favorable wisdom and wealth energy from expansive Jupiter.

     Because strife is a potent engine for progress, we may have already seen harbingers for an upcoming technological breakthrough. in recent computer viruses, the spam explosion and even the antiquated electric grid.

     To validate this prediction, pinpoint its timing and narrow the inventive field, 10 fundamental technological inventions since World War II are analyzed.  Of course, there were many other scientific and technology oriented advances in numerous fields during the second half of the twentieth century; but the following are the fundamental technological leaps forward that have reshaped industry and the lives of consumers, and thereby changed forever nature of the economy and its development.  

     Dates are by year, for specific invention dates are not readily available; and even if these were published, there would be no assurance they were of the actual inventions, the first working models or their public announcements. 

       1.  Transistor 1947

       2.  Integrated circuit 1958

       3.  Microprocessor 1971

       4.  Altair (micrcomputer) 1975

       5.  Apple II  1977

       6.  Cell phone 1979

       7.  IBM PC 1981

       8.  Microsoft Windows 1985

       9.  Digital cell phone 1988

       10. Internet 1990

     Scanning the list, it's amazing to see that the last big technological leap forward was 13 years ago with the invention of computer software creating the internet, which then fueled the enormous economic expan- sion of the 1990s.  Progress since 1990 has been applications development of existing basic inventions, not anything even approaching the magnitude of the 10 listed technological breakthroughs



     Today, well into the new millennium, we continue to use Windows-based microprocessor-powered computers interconnected via the internet with some convergence of cell phone (wireless) technology.  Consider that these e-mail Forecasts are composed on comparatively ancient technology, a 1997 Toshiba laptop running Windows 95, that has yet to be functionally outdated.  

     That is, the newest, faster computer running cutting edge software wouldn't produce a significantly better or more sophisticated Forecast.  National Public Radio (NPR) had a recent program about this topic, concluding that while computer hardware has become much faster and capable (memory), software has not kept pace, resulting in only incremental and minor advancements over the past decade.



     The analysis used the natural zodiac (beginning with Aries to reflect worldwide karmas) to calculate charts for each of the 10 technological breakthroughs Because the primary planets for technology invention travel through a Vedic Astrology sign/house for 12 months or longer, using just the calendar year yields valid information.  [Saturn stays 2 1/2 years, Jupiter 1 year and Rahu/Ketu (the Moon's Nodes) 1 1/2 years].  The only exception is Mars, which transits a sign/house every 2 months, and this variability is used to select the most likely time during the year when each invention would have been created. 

     Charts for the first 3 inventions are to the right and below.  A pattern is immediately obvious.  The 8th house in Vedic Astrology is research and inventions, for this is the house of hidden things, the secrets of life.  The 8th house is dominant in each chart, as are also Saturn, Rahu and Mars.  Jupiter adds its wealth and wisdom directly to the 8th house for the tran- sistor and the microprocessor charts, and Jupiter empowers scientific Rahu for the integrated circuit chart.
     All 3 charts represent basic research (science), knowledge for knowledge's sake, not practical applications of basic science.  The transistor replaced the vacuum tube as a switch- ing device; the integrated circuit eliminated the need to solder transistors together; and the microprocessor added a compiler to enable information processing.  These, then were the 3 basic sequential discoveries upon which the latter 7 practical inventions were based.

Transistor January 30, 1947

Integrated Circuit January 17, 1958

Microprocessor November 19 1971

     Reviewing the charts for the subsequent 7 inventions that have transformed the economy and society, no similar obvious pattern emerges.  These charts (not shown) only demonstrate in the technological planets (Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Jupiter) being in strength in various combinations: the Altair was a stroke of technical genius, the Apple II was a creative breakthrough, the cell phone was a brilliant technical achieve- ment, the IBM PC made a big mark upon the world, Windows was a public triumph, the digital cell phone was technical mastery and the internet was a tremendous technical achievement.
     However, after exhaustively searching for any invention-wide pattern in these 7 charts to guide identifying the next technological breakthrough, none appears. There is only common strength in the above dis- cussed technology planets: Rahu, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter.  We're left, then, with predicting a techno- logical breakthrough by considering the following 5 factors:

     1)  when the technology planets are strong

     2)  the long lapse since 1990 of such a leap forward

     3)  acceleration of change since the advent of the personal computer

     4)  pressures to effect such an advance
     5)  the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction (in 2000) that ushers in a new 20 year cycle of growth.  (Note:
          because this conjunction was in Venus-ruled Taurus, wealth through creativity is indicated.)

     Currently, all 5 factors are both operable and indicative a technological breakthrough.
     There is, however, a final factor, one which persuaded the 
July 18, Trends For 2nd Half 2003 Forecast prediction for technological advance(s).  Beginning August 28, 2003, scientific Rahu moved into Mars-ruled (machines) sign of Aries, right into a potent aspect (glance) from Jupiter to Aries.  Jupiter aspecting Rahu in Aries is a singularly powerful combination for wealth through a scientific machine breakthrough. (Addition- ally, Saturn's ongoing aspect to Jupiter brings it's technology quality into the ingredients.)  That Jupiter associated to Rahu when the transistor, integrated circuit, Altair, Apple II and Windows were invented (5 out of 10 inventions), gives additional credence to the importance of this combination. 



     Looking throughout the fall and winter, we find that in the January 20, 2004 chart shown on the right: Jupiter's aspect to Rahu will be within one degree of Rahu's placement; Mars, Saturn and Rahu are all potently placed; and the natural zodiac chart is most powerful.  This, then, is the most likely time for a technological breakthrough.
     This configuration indicates technical integration of machines bringing wealth.  It is not the chart for a basic scientific discovery that would take many years to be "brought to market," but rather one signaling a practical application.
      One of my editors suggested an interface between humans and machines rather than a strictly technological integration, but this seems too much like Star Treck's Borg - the machine culture that enslaved humans with technological implants.
     With the 6th house of foreigners and Rahu (foreigners) both strong, there is a suggestion for an invention of world- wide impact, like the Internet.

January 20, 2004

     This chart's 9th house of long journeys is strong, as is the 12th of far and distant places, and because Rahu symbolizes airplanes, the technological breakthrough could be in this area, similar to the tremendous advance the Boeing 707 brought to air travel.

     Based upon these conclusions, investment and employment gains are likely with any company or group announcing a major practical technological integration, especially if this relates to air travel. Of course, it is possible for more than one technological breakthrough to occur, for this analysis only points to favorable planetary dispositions for this to occur.

     A more or less obvious second conclusion relates directly to the prediction for Bush's downfall by the November 9 lunar eclipse, which if correct, will then allow a return to democratic principles.  Accompanying optimism and positively reconciled government policies would be fertile ground in which to plant a technological breakthrough leading to economic recovery.  This is admittedly a rosy scenario, especially considering the gloom pervading society and the economy today, but it is one of reasonable possibility, even likely.  After all, freedom depends most essentially upon hope.


Copyright 1999-2004 Doug Riemer

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