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Trouble For President Bush
Published October 19, 2003


     Below are passages from the June 15, 2003, Future Chronicle - Bush's Downfall Part 2 - The Summer And Fall In Disgrace, listing the 4 hotspots culminating in President Bush likely facing censure or even impeachment by the November 9 lunar eclipse.
     These hotspots are a useful refresher in tracing Bush's unfolding karmas, especially as the nation and the world approaches the likely culmination of his fated presidency.  In reviewing the hotspots, the intervals have match up well with reality.  The specific consequences of each hotspot do tend, however, to overflow from one hotspot to another.  Yet, as this is a cumulative process, and it is impossible to know if media reporting is complete and objective (history does get rewritten with the advantage of objectified hindsight), only time will tell the tale.
     As shown, Bush is in his 3rd hotspot now, from October 15 to 30.  Positive events of the past week appear to contradict the prediction, but it is important to understand that Bush's successes with the UN resolution, and Congress's agreement to pass the $87 billion military budget bill, may be just pyrrhic victories.  These may not even be victories at all, if the two groups' actions signify support without actually giving the needed cooperation, or they include restrictions hampering results.  Also, this last week saw a major administration public relations effort to put a smiley face on the economy, Iraq and
Afghanistan, which the media reported as encouraging, even as gruesome dead faces in the Mideast were added to the litany of suffering, as widow-maker Mars continued to hold sway.


The Chronicle Continues

     As the 4 hotspots are discussed, the trend in Bush's public rejection is demonstrated in an excerpt from Face-off 2003 Bush/Hussein, below.  That is, the karmic harvest (natural consequences) of Bush's actions will reveal the truth and thereby allow us to reconnect the reality we're told with the reality we feel.

At the inception of this second year of the new millennium, uncert ainty hangs like an impenetrable fog blanketing a sailing ship.  The view ahead is obscured.  The captain's fair-sailing promises and favorable marine weather reports fail to dispel the crew's cold clamminess.  In this unfamiliar disconnection between personal reality and official statements,  the cold penetrates right to worried bones.

This fog-bound ship analogy to our nation's current dilemma doesn't suggest a prophetic 'Heart Of Darkness' voyage, nor a 'Brave New World' society view.  Yet, memories of these kinds of worrisome scenarios inevitably echo back from the disconnection between the reality we feel and the reality we're told.

II  The 4 Hotspots

A)  July 16 to August 10.  The economy and stock markets decline.  Bush experiences growing policy opposition at home and abroad as a widening credibility gap opens about Iraq's WMD and his failed tax cut.  Bush uses increasingly forceful rhetoric (demagoguery), and his lying escalates, especially as he often "blurts things out."  Bush experiences angry frustration and falls back on his religious fundamentalist message against "evildoers."  Bush is vulnerable to accidents and assault.  

B)  August 27 to September 20.  Religious violence escalates, and the Mideast spins increasing out of control.  Bush attempts to rally the country behind him and threatens military action, but the nation is weary of constant warfare.  International relationships break.   Bush's lies are uncovered and assailed, and together with his imperial attitude, a backlash of rejection slashes him.  Ticking time bomb of lying about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is ready to explode.

C)  October 15 to October 30.  Te economy is mired in recession.  Federal and States deficits inflate.  Escalating problems in occupied Afghanistan and Iraq disturb the public and Congress.  Bush's health and safety are compromised, and his power evaporates.  He is discredited in Congress.  Bush's supporters draw away.

D)  November 5 to November 9.  Bush faces censure or impeachment proceeding.  That Cheney may be included in the accusations creates a problem for succession. 


      Five days into this third hotspot, Bush is half way through his 6 days Far East jaunt, trying drum up money and troops for Iraq and resolve the truly imminently dangerous North Korean nuclear issue. Regardless of media reports, these efforts tend to be unsuccessful.  ($1 1/2 billion from the Japanese is just 15% of the $10 billion they paid for the first Gulf War.)  Further, the prediction that Bush's health and safety are compromised is reinforced by his visiting a volatile part of the world.  I've experienced a nagging foreboding about this trip since hearing about it, and whether this is imagination or intuition, I have an obligation to convey this insight.  There are 5 considerations here that apply. 
     1)  Bush's Vedic chart continues to indicate discord with foreigners, and he is exposing himself to their Mars-inspired antipathy.
      2)  Saturn, a planet of great harm to Bush, is crossing his Sun, which signifies both power and the body.  At the very least, Bush's diplomatic efforts will be stymied.  
NASA reports today:

An X-class solar flare erupted today near sunspot 484--a remarkably fast growing active region near the sun's northeastern limb. Yesterday the spot was barely visible; now it is about 7 times wider than Earth. Because of its location near the sun's limb, today's blast was probably not Earth-directed. Sunspot 484 is, however, moving into position where it could aim solar flares and coronal mass ejections our way later this week -- if solar activity continues high.

     Such electromagnetic eruptions have caused power grids to fail, and they visit their havoc on people's nervous systems as well.
     4)  Mars in Bush's chart brings accidents and travel problems, and as exhaustively discussed in earlier Forecasts, Mars is particularly virulent now.
     5.  Bush visits Indonesia on Tuesday, October 22, and that country lays astride a harmful Saturn Astrocartography line, shown below. 

     The Far East is a half a world away, and therefore a half day earlier than US time.  Our Tuesday, then, is Indonesia's Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.  The specific nature of Bush's trouble is not known, but a troublesome trip seems inescapable.

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