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March 28

Whew!  -- That Mars/Saturn Opposition Was Tough!

     Last Monday's through Thursday's (March 19 -22) Mars/Saturn opposition, coinciding with Monday's partial solar eclipse, certainly brought a lot of conflict.  The March 15 Celestial Wheel (below) addressed this topic and specifically suggested: scandals further harming G.W. Bush's staff and reputation, Dick Cheney's health and reputation suffering and further declines in the real estate markets.

     Certainly, Bush's promise to veto proposed Congressional legislation to pull the troops out of Iraq, together with his refusal to honor congressional subpoenas in the Justice Department, inquiry indicate Mars/Saturn pressures upon him.  Nothing has been made public, yet, about Cheney's health, especially the results of treatment for his March 5 leg blood clot.  Keep in mind, Cheney remains at risk due to several risk dates through April 27.  As concerns real estate, there's a building deluge of media articles about increasing foreclosures, which must harm markets throughout the country and thereby the general economy.

     Provocatively, The House of Representatives was at loggerheads about the Iraq legislation until Friday, when the Mars/Saturn opposition was over.  Then, the legislation passed. 

     Another manifestation of this Mars energy is its aspect (glance) upon Ketu, which symbolizes gas and oil.  This caused oil prices to continue to escalate past $62 per barrel.  Doubtless, you've noticed gas prices at the pump moving upward, which brings home yet again the fact that everyone is affected by world events.

     Clients and other subscribers reported Mars/Saturn effects ranging from a rushed relocation to the passing of family members.  This astrologer was blocked both in composing Celestial Wheels and from the meeting to reorganize this forecasting service.   Of course, too, Elizabeth Edwards' cancer returned, as did Tony Snow's -- pointing out the virulence of Mars/Saturn as illness indicators.  Note, this includes Saturn's position in the terrible Lunar Nakshatra (Moon's house) of Ashlesha -- see the February 5 Celestial Wheel.

     Your own chart's planetary dispositions and Dasas are generally determinative of your experiences.  However, in times like these, when tough transits are potent and recurring, this karma impacts everyone's lives, if only indirectly in family and friends being adversely affected.


Upcoming Mercury/Rahu Conjunction

     There's another challenging transit conjunction coming up, though it will not be as severe as Mars/Saturn.

    This World Transits Chart for Saturday, March 31, shows Mercury and Rahu coming together in Saturn's sign of Aquarius.  (These are highlighted in lavender.)  Intensifying Rahu on Mercury brings flustered and toxic thinking, as well as the feeling of being under pressure, even attack.  Thus, anxiety and distrust result, which can stimulate retribution and/or too reflexive decisions. 

    Actually, though Mercury is still five degrees from Rahu today, this influence is already building up.  G.W. Bush lashed out today, Bush Warns Against Iraq Timeline. Too, the U.S. and Britain are attempting to intimidate through threat of force Iran to release the fifteen captured British soldiers. Finally, subscriber V.F. in Arizona reported looking at a private sale car today  -- and because the seller was besieged with nine inquires, this subscriber lurched to purchase to avoid missing the opportunity.

World Transits March 31, 2007

       Also, note that aggressive Mars will have entered Aquarius and quickly gained strength to exert its fiery will.  Mars will further stimulate Mercury/Rahu strife.  Mars also throws a mean aspect to Ketu and the perceptional Moon this Saturday, which greatly unsettles the mind and could push oil prices yet higher.

     Watch for more discord regarding scandals, or just about any newsworthy topic.  In your own lives, keep a measured pace to your activities and try to avoid both impulsive actions and situations in which you feel pressured to make choices.  Sandalwood is an effective Ayurvedic technique to calm the mind, including Mercury's nervous system.


Mars/Rahu Conjunction April 22

     Mars will continue to advance upon Rahu next month until these two virulent malefics draw together in a combination for violence about April 22.  Note that the last time Mars and Rahu conjoined was the July 6, 2005 London terrorist subway bombing. 

     It is difficult to predict what will occur at this conjunction, but it certainly must bring some sort of calamity, for the U.S. and G.W. Bush's charts are badly afflicted at that time.  This difficult transit conjunction will be described with greater specificity in later Celestial Wheels.


Eclipse Effects Update

     The February 28 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Culmination In The Mideast, expressed concern about Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia having planets exactly eclipsed this month.  (Note the March 15 Celestial Wheel, below, explained that eclipse effects, initiated during the astronomical eclipse will fully develop over the next several months.)

     Iran's ascendant (self) ruler Saturn was hit in the March 3 total lunar eclipse.  As mentioned above, the U.S. and Britain are attempting to intimidate Iran to release the British hostages it took last Friday -- which due to time zones, was actually Thursday, just as Mars/Saturn reached their oppressive peak.  The Culmination forecast predicted, this eclipse could bring another attack against Iran.  This would likely be by air...  While Israel's chart did not suffer an eclipse hit, it's Dasas and transits bring paranoia, which suggested Israel would launch an unexpected attack on a feared enemy.  Iran is the natural target here, but the British hostage situation appears to have diverted at least some of that karma to Britain and the U.S.

     Iraq's Jupiter also suffered a direct hit in the March 3 lunar eclipse.  The Culmination forecast  predicted, In Jupiter's ruling the fifth house of government and eighth house of tragedy, the eclipse could cause the government to fall.  There's been no Iraq news yet on this topic, which may be because of the intense focus upon Bush's troop surge there bringing some early violence reduction.  Too, the Bush Administration must be vigilant in preventing negative information about the weak Iraq government from becoming public.

     In Saudi Arabia's chart, its wealthy and passionate Moon was hit by the March 19 partial solar eclipse.  The Culmination forecast suggested the eclipse would cause loss, likely involving children and the the ruling royal family could lose control.  Today's Yahoo News article title speaks for itself, Saudi king slams 'illegitimate occupation' of Iraq.  It isn't clear what motivation for, and repercussions of, this break from its U.S. ally means.  It's certainly grave in tilting the balance in the Mideast toward self determination and expelling Western influences.



Connecting The Dots

     Here are major unfolding planetary karmas: The U.S. economy is slowing, due in large part to the crumbling real estate market.  Scandals continuing to erupt, harming the Bush administration and confidence in the U.S.  Oil prices moving up again.  There is growing instability in the Mideast that partially evidences in breaking from the West.    There will be a major violence or upset about April 22 when Mars and Rahu conjoin. This Second Gilded Age of excess, unfairness and government corruption will not end until late November, 2008.

     Together, these events and trends suggest conservative and protective actions to safeguard your interests and those of your family, employees and associates.  As stated in the March 8 Celestial Wheel (below), this current interval, through April 5 is auspicious for your business activities.  Therefore, this week and next is a good time to complete business deals and investments.  If you have gains, take them.  If you have financial risk, minimize that.  If you're planning major investments, delay these.  In an economic downturn that is inextricably connected with a failing U.S. presidency in an unstable global economy, reducing your financial risk and moving money into cash is simple common sense.



The Evolution Of The Celestial Wheel

     Last week's planning meeting didn't occur last week, as mentioned above.  The meeting occurred this past Monday, and the result is that Celestial Wheel will soon have it's own website.  Also, paid subscriptions will be replaced by free subscriptions and revenue from advertising.  This conversion is a process that involves quite a lot of website work.  I'll advise when it occurs and which subscribers are owe refunds for un expired subscriptions.  In the meantime, nothing is changed yet.



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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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March 15

Mars/Saturn Opposition

     The below graphic displays the planetary dispositions this spring bringing heightened planetary karmas.  Retrogrades, eclipses and the Mars/Rahu conjunction are the players in this stormy celestial weather.

     There's an additional planetary alignment that bears consideration.  On March 19, the same day as the upcoming partial solar eclipse, transit Mars and Saturn begin to come into close opposition -- 180 degrees apart.


Merc Retro 2/14 to 3/8

Saturn Retro 12/14/06 to 4/20/07...................................................

                                                                                  Jupiter Retro 4/6 to 7/28........................................

 February 14 -- 28                             March 1 -- 31                                    April 1 -- 30

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

                   Lunar Eclipse 3/3

                                              Solar Eclipse 3/19

                                             Mars opposite Saturn 3/19

                                                                                                    Mars/Rahu 4/22                                                                                                


     At opposition, Saturn and Mars both aspect (glance upon) each other. 

     When these, the two great malefics, associate, their dissonant energies rage against each other.  Aggressive hot Mars demands immediate violent action, while lethargic cold Saturn moves ever-so-slowly in bringing its separative losses.  Frustration, anger, resentment and jealousy are this combination's psychological qualities that trigger reflexive violence and destruction.

     This transit chart for March 19 shows these Mars/Saturn mutual aspects -- and also that Mars additionally aspects Venus and Ketu.  Mars naturally harms Venus's wealth and stimulates selfish passion.  Mars' influence upon mystical Ketu results in seething anger.

World Transits March 19, 2007

     While Monday, March 19 is the most difficult date, Mars and Saturn will continue in close in on their exact opposition through Thursday, March 21.  So, most of next week will be challenging.

     In Vedic Astrology, confluence (repetition of influences) is a fundamental concept.  The more times a karmic influence, whether positive or negative, occurs, the more potent the karma.  In this instance, Mars' aspects to three planets, is like a triple in baseball.  Saturn's aspect to Mars, drives a run home, and the solar eclipse drives another score.  Suddenly, it's a new ball game.  

     In the World Transit Chart, which uses the natural zodiac beginning at Aries, this Mars/Saturn opposition impacts real estate.  Mars is landed property, Saturn is real estate dealers, the fourth house if the home (property) and the tenth house is career.  So, using this widest of perspectives, real estate will be harmed further beginning March 19.

     For the U.S. chart, this Mars/Saturn opposition hits the second house of income and domestic harmony and the eighth house of turmoil and calamity.  Since Mars and Saturn are the real estate planets, look for further stress domestically in this beleaguered industry.  

     For G.W. Bush, Mars/Saturn impacts his seventh house of relationship (all formal relationships) and his first house of the self and reputation.  The suggestion here is for scandals to precipitate further losses of executive staff and further harm to his already battered reputation. 

     For Dick Cheney, although March 24 is the next sensitive date (see the March 2 discussion about Cheney, below), transit Mars is in his sixth house of enemies/illness and transit Saturn is in the twelfth house of loss.  This can actualized in either/or/both physical and career problems.

     Your personal experiences will be impacted by these celestial configurations variably -- depending upon your own unique chart and Dasas (planetary cycles).  Some will skip by with no observable problems, while others will be confronted with unpleasant challenges.  The best thing to do is keep a low profile next week and especially avoid controversy.

     Also, nations charts that are impacted by this March's eclipses must be adversely affected by the upcoming Mars/Saturn opposition.


The Eclipse Season

     While the March 3 total lunar eclipse has faded, the March 19 partial solar eclipse is yet ahead, making nearly all of March the eclipse season.  As an astronomical eclipse blocks the light of the Sun and Moon, its astrological effect upon charts where the eclipse hits a planet brings this word's worldly meaning, a reduction or loss of splendor, status, reputation, etc.: Scandal caused the eclipse of his career (

     The February 28 In-depth Celestial Wheel, #68  Culmination In The Mideast pointed out that Iran and Iraq suffered direct planetary hits in the lunar eclipse and that China's Saturn is also eclipsed by the total lunar eclipse this coming Saturday, and it was China's stock market plunge that initiated the huge drop in securities markets globally yesterday, February 27.  That forecast also identified Saudi Arabia's Moon is hit exactly by this coming Monday's partial solar eclipse.  For specific eclipse impacts, please review that forecast.

     In the context of this Celestial Wheel, the upcoming Mars/Saturn opposition can certainly stimulate more problems in all these countries.  Also, while the eclipse date itself is important, eclipse effects begin a week or so before the eclipse date have a six month duration thereafter -- which means that events/trends initiated during the astronomical eclipse will fully develop over the next several months.  A good example of this is the August 1998 solar eclipse on Bill Clinton's Sun, which brought to light his affair and put him on TV a few days later to apologize.  The major eclipse harm, however, came late that fall when the impeachment attempt was made.  So, while we've seen the lunar eclipse harm China's stock markets, there's more eclipse harm to come in that country.  Too, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia have yet to experience the complete eclipse effects upon their charts

     Today's Celestial Wheel offers only this broad brush analysis of what to expect early next week and over the next several months.  It is worthwhile noting now, however, that the Mars/Rahu conjunction April 22 promises to bring great turmoil and violence.   This occur almost exactly when old broom Saturn (see the below March 8 Celestial Wheel) ends its weak retrograde motion and becomes extremely powerful as it initiates forward motion to -- relentlessly sweep clean the karmic slate.  So, confluence again results, and the suggestion is this will be a major turning point.  Specific predictions for the Mars/Rahu conjunction have not yet been made, for it's necessary to first learn what happens, or not, during the remainder of this March eclipse season. 


The Celestial Wheel

     This internet publication was initiated four and a half years ago, in July, 2002, and it was placed on a paid subscriber basis in January, 2003.   Literally hundreds and hundreds of pages have been composed in 69 In-depth forecasts and 34 months of Commentaries. 

     Subscribers have been very loyal, but the subscription base is stagnant.  At the same time, publishing costs have risen, and the web has moved toward advertiser supported websites.  A meeting next week will decide how The Celestial Wheel will be adapted to this dynamic publishing environment. 

     I look forward to offering you better and more informative predictive information options.  I'm running my 16 year Mercury (writing and publishing) Dasa since March of 2002, which planetary cycle brings insightful writing, publishing and recognition for these efforts.



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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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March 8

Auspicious For Business

     Mercury is a business planet for its ruling communications.  Now that it has returned to forward motion, business activities are generally favored again.  Too, Jupiter, the planet of wealth, is well disposed in its transit position in Scorpio.  Thereby, business activities can be fruitful from now until Jupiter turns retrograde April 6.  There is additional support for your business activities in the Sun, Venus and Mars also being comparatively well disposed during this interval.

     Keep in mind, however, that your individual chart, its Dasas (planetary cycles) and transits are determinative in whether March 8 through April 5 is auspicious for your business activities. 

     Additionally, the U.S. chart is negative for the economy this year, and since the entire globe is so strongly influenced by the U.S. economy, setbacks abroad would result from economic problems at home.  Certainly last week's stock markets gyrations are indicative of this economic frailty, and real estate continues to take a beating. Take macro economics into consideration in regard to your own micro activities.  After all, Celestial Wheel world forecasting must be done in the context of current world affairs, and so should your personal business activities.


The Old Broom Sweeps Clean

     The February 5 Celestial Wheel explained why Saturn retrograde in Cancer is difficult, causing losses of all kinds (including real estate), chronic illness issues for some and scandals for the Bush administration.

    This chart, first published in the December 30 Celestial Wheel, plots Saturn's motion -- first forward into Leo last fall, then retrograde back into Cancer this winter and finally forward again into Leo this spring and early summer.

     Saturn's retrograde in Cancer ends on April 20.  Saturn then turns forward and begins its final journey out of Cancer into Leo.  Saturn will reach Leo on July 16.

    Saturn, the furthest planet in the solar system, is cold, old and slow, and in its finale in Cancer, it brings its worst harms.  Thus, in Saturn's retrograde until April 20, old Saturn acts like a broom, sweeping up karmic debris, which we are experiencing now.

     However, when Saturn turn's forward April 20, it will push this debris pile forward and also pick up any dirt it missed previously -- combing the floor to catch every bit of karmic rubble, including secrets previously swept under the rug.   This, then, is how the old broom sweeps clean.

     Dick Cheney is obviously suffering from this old Saturn broom -- both physically (blood clot in the leg) and reputation -- the Libby trial results.  It's provocative that the March 2 Celestial Wheel (below) listed six sets of sensitive dates for Cheney, and the first -- March 5 to 7 -- proved out.

     The Bush administration is already beset with three scandals -- Walter Reed Hospital problems, the Libby trial result and the firing of U.S. Attorneys for political reasons.  These are major and go to the heart of the Iraq war and Bush's aggressive twisting of the law.  Expect both Congressional hearings on these issues and more scandals being revealed as Saturn relentlessly sweep clean the karmic slate.

     While this Saturn retrograde tends to sweep up past transgressions, after Saturn turns forward April 20, it will bring more scandals, and some of these will be truly devastating.  By the time Saturn leaves Cancer July 16, the entire Bush administration should be completely discredited.



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Doug Riemer


The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

is underwritten by paid subscribers. 


March 2

Watch Tomorrow's Full Lunar Eclipse

     It's been three or four years since a full lunar eclipse has been visible in most populated areas.  Don't miss this chance, unless, of course, you're Minnesota snowed-in - though maybe you could see it through an east facing window.  Eastern North America and Europe will be able to view the entire eclipse.  If you're west of the Mississippi, you'll only see the last half of the eclipse as the moon rises in the eastern sky. 

     If you want to see the eclipse, make sure you begin viewing the eastern sky immediately after sunset, which is also when the moon comes up over the horizon.


     While worldly activities are hampered by the eclipse effect, and the blocking of the full moon can create an mental/emotional void -- for the Moon is the mind, and the eclipse darkens the mind.  Yet, when the Moon's light is blocked, nearby stars are revealed.  This is why eclipses can help us see issues and reveal solutions to problems that are otherwise hidden from us.

     Eclipses are generally not that impactive, unless the eclipse point happens to hit a birth chart planet - a 5% chance.  Subscribers whose charts are thusly impacted have all been alerted, with suggestions made for both what to expect and how to deal with the energy.


Graphic Of Spring Heightened Planetary Karmas

     The below graphic displaying planetary retrogrades, the March eclipses and the dangerous Mars/Rahu conjunction was first published in the February 19 Celestial Wheel Commentary.   It is reprinted here as a reminder, and also as useful to printout to stick on your fridge.  (Note: If you print this out, select on your printer properties screen, current page.)


Merc Retro 2/14 to 3/8

Saturn Retro 12/14/06 to 4/20/07...................................................

                                                                                  Jupiter Retro 4/6 to 7/28........................................

 February 14 -- 28                             March 1 -- 31                                    April 1 -- 30

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1    1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


                   Lunar Eclipse 3/3

                                              Solar Eclipse 3/19

                                                                                                  Mars/Rahu 4/22


Dick Cheney

     Cheney's close call while in Pakistan February 27 (BBC News) was a reminder his chart remains vulnerable to physical harm.

     The reason for this sensitivity is that Cheney's difficult Saturn (the planet of death) has been transiting through his twelfth house of final liberation since late May 2005.

     From this position, Saturn aspects (glances upon) his Sun -- the heart.  Since birth chart Saturn also aspects the Sun, transit Saturn doubles up the influence.

     Saturn did leave Cheney's 12th this past November, but it returned there in early January and remains in the twelfth house until mid July. 

     This, then, is Saturn's final sweep through the 12th house.  Slow Saturn always holds its worst harms until the ending of a house/sign transit -- and this spring/summer is its terrible finale there.

     Of course, the underlying planetary karma are the Dasas (planetary cycles), and these must also include Saturn, for the Dasas are like the river of life upon which Cheney travels.  Transits, being like weather events on the river, are catalysts for events, and thereby timing indicators.  So, when Cheney is on a dark Saturn part of his Dasa river, and a Saturn transit occurs during this interval, a prediction can be made about harm to his health. 

     Cheney's Dasa planets (to 3 levels) are Venus/Mercury/Saturn from 11/23/06 to 5/23/07.  Venus gives Cheney some protection; Mercury does not.  So, this third level Saturn tips the energetic balance against him. 

     Considering fourth level Dasa planets and other transits, some upcoming dates pop out that

must place more pressure on a man with a debilitated cardiac system and who is also under tremendous job pressure.  (Being the most disliked figure in national politics isn't easy, even for a troll.)

     March 5 through 7

     March 11 and 12

      March 24

     March 30

     April 23 and 24

     April 27

     Beyond identifying specific risk dates for Cheney, the large number of these dates is also a valuable tool in assessing risk.  That is, if Cheney just had one upcoming sensitive date, he would be more likely to get through that, even as he could have a cardiac event.  In that case, this would likely be secret or the information delayed in reaching the press.  However, with so many sensitive dates, these constitute a gauntlet -- or to put it another way, these next two months are a cardiac arrest minefield.  He'd be safer hiking through Afghanistan's mountain passes, filled with mines from decades of warfare.


Topics That Aren't Addressed

     Subscriber R.P in California recently asked about the Mayan calendar ending date of December 21, 2012.  Here's my reply:

     I've dabbled a little in this Mayan calendar ending. As you email suggests, however, it's far from clear as to what this signifies.  As someone of Indian descent, you understand India's metaphysical knowledge has been preserved, along with the indigenous Sanskrit language.  This is not the case with the Mayans, whose written and spoken language was destroyed in the Spanish invasion.  I believe there are only about 6 fragmentary books still in existence.

      So, nobody really knows what the Mayan calendar signifies.  As James Braha was my first Vedic teacher, I know well to check and double-check everything and never make things up.  So, I'm not convinced (yet) that the end of the Mayan calendar means what many new agers are suggesting, or that it even means anything at all. 

      I did chat with Dennis Harness (American College of Vedic Astrology) recently about this, for I was concerned with the interest level in mundane (world) astrology, which is what the Celestial Wheel is.  Dennis felt interest is picking up with the Mayan calendar ending just a few years away.  We'll see.


     Over the years, man subscribers have queried about global warming.  That topic is outside the scope of this astrologer's knowledge.  Too, it is such a long term and complex phenomena, that the mind boggles at just trying to determine how to approach the topic.


The U.S. Economy

     The September 24 Celestial Wheel Commentary predicted: an economic slowdown is inevitable

beginning the the fall of 2006.  Recent economic reports tell four quarter 2006 economic growth.  MSNBC reported on February 28, Economic growth revised down in 4th quarter U.S. gross domestic product expanded at sluggish 2.2 percent pace.  Canada did even worse at 1.4%.

     The securities markets shock that began February 27 continued to rattle the markets through this week.  It seems that investors globally are finally taking seriously imbalances and excesses of this Second Gilded Age, including challenges in the Mideast resulting from Bush's Iraq invasion. 

     Recall that the February 28 In-depth Celestial Wheel, Culmination In The Mideast*, pointed out this drop was an eclipse effect that began in China: China's Saturn is also eclipsed by the total lunar eclipse this coming Saturday, and it was China's stock market plunge that initiated the huge drop in securities markets globally yesterday, February 27.

     Eclipse effects can occur before, during and after the actual eclipse.  Too, eclipse effects may not be immediately obvious.  An old acquaintance, well versed in Vedic Astrology, had his career planet Saturn exactly eclipsed in the September 22, 2006 solar eclipse, and it was only a month ago that he abandoned lifelong self employment for a corporate position.

     I wrote a fellow astrologer the other day about the U.S. Chart: Moon/Venus/Mars 4/1 - 5/7, during which Mars conjoins Rahu in the 3rd around 4/22 -- that's the danger time.  Note the Mars/Rahu conjunction April 22 is included in the above reprinted graphic of heightened planetary karmas.  The economy could be jolted by another run on the market and/or Mars/Rahu violence.  Of course, too, the troll could leave us, which would help the ecomony.


{*If you haven't read through this analysis yet, please take a few minutes over the weekend to do so.  This is an important Celestial Wheel, and a veteran Vedic Astrology endorsed it, Outstanding report on the Middle East!  You’ve out done yourself!   Wonderful overviews about ancient karmas too.  Where do you get this stuff!}



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The research and composition for The Celestial Wheel

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