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The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck
Iraq & Forecast Conclusions
June 30, 2004

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The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck

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     This, Part II of The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck  follows Part 1, Ancient And Enduring Karmas.  If you have come to this Forecast without first reading Part 1, please go to #53 Part I -- The Timeless Mideast Bottleneck -- Ancient And Enduring Karmas

     Part II considers nation charts for current major players in today's Mideast --  Israel, Iraq (old and new), Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Iran's chart was not originally selected;  its addition reflects Iran's model for an Islamic fundamentalist government.  In the ever-changing Mideast, charts for other countries, such as Pakistan or Turkey, could be additional future choices.  However, because some nation charts are not available, and several hours is needed to calculate and interpret each chart, it is impractical to consider every alternative.  

     Each nation chart is presented in its own Forecast section because the file for all of Part II is too large for e-mailing and printing.  There's no particular reading order for the nation chart sections on Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia -- but the Iraq section should be read last as it containing conclusions for the entire Fore- cast.   Because the nation chart analyses are highly compressed interpretations to provide specifics on the thesis in Part I, the Synopsis Of Key Points is omitted. 

     Birth data for these nation charts was primarily taken from Mundane Horoscopes of Nations http://www.dominantstar.com/tra_nationspage.htm  This website references the Book of World Horo- scopes for authenticity.  


1958 Iraq's Vedic Chart 

     Both the old and new Iraq nation charts are presented.  The old 1958 Iraq chart comes from a military coup reported at a 4:00 AM, a sunrise chart.  The new Iraq's provisional government chart uses the actual handover of June 28 at 10:26 AM in Baghdad.


Fundamental Influences
  Iraq's birth as a military coup by the Bath Party (primarily Saddam's rule) demonstrates the aggression inherent in this chart.  Mars, ruler of the sixth house of conflict, is conjunct Ketu, which brought seething anger and violent revenge.  That Mars/Ketu are in the eleventh house of friends and groups, also directed emotionally-sensitized aggression against suspect friends and tribal groups to control the country following the coup.

     When conflicts occurred, wealth was lost. This is due to an aspect by restrictive Saturn to the worldly Moon and wealthy Venus in the twelfth house of loss.  Further, there's tremendous material indulgence in the Moon/Venus combination, explaining the huge military machine and the money rulers squandered upon themselves.

     Like Saudi Arabia, this Iraq chart has the ruler of the fourth house of the family in the second house of domestic harmony, which brought responsibility for the family's happiness, and also a passion for money.  Because the Sun (government) rules the third house of desires and neighbors, its position in the first house of the self makes leadership self-centered and covetous of neighboring nations' wealth.  (Yet, this position for the Sun also burned confidence -- icing on the paranoid cake.)   The above mentioned Rahu/Mars com- bination in the fifth house of government cemented leadership's greed, giving it a single-focus quality.

     Mercury in the second house of communications with an aspect from Mars brought a facile craftiness to government and a propensity to lie to serve its purposes.  The deception was complete.  Even as the U.S. invasion proceeded last spring, no one knew Iraq's military was depleted, and we continue today to hunt for it's long-gone weapons of mass destruction.

     Jupiter can be a good alliances and business planet for Gemini rising charts like this, but Jupiter is very weak at the edge of the fourth house.  Both alliances and business partnerships therefore fail, which occurr- ed with both the U.S. and the former U.S.S.R.  Jupiter's wealth and wisdom are also harmed by this disposition.

Iraq  (military coup)
July 14, 1958 4:00 AM  Baghdad

At Birth:  Mars/Rahu/Rahu/Rahu

Planetary Cycles
     As stated above, the 1958 Iraq was born under a military coup.  Its Mars/Rahu cycles at birth signaled this effort, to fulfill desire for wealth and power.

     The Mars cycle from 1965 and the following eighteen year Rahu cycle to 1983 was the era  during which Saddam built the military machine and grabbed the country's wealth via Mars/Ketu aggression against friends and groups in Iraq suspected of treason.  

     Saddam's first ill-fated invasion, that of Iran in 1980 was during Rahu/Moon.  A deathly and suspicious Saturn aspects the perceptional Moon, stimulating a paranoid reaction against Iran's Islamic Fundamentalist government.  This was also the perfect excuse to grab Iran's coveted oil and other wealth.  The war  lasted eight years and debilitated both countries.

     The invasion of Kuwait occurred during Jupiter/Ketu.  Jupiter is wealth, and Ketu stimulated Saddam to direct his seething-anger militarily against his neighbor, again coveting the oil wealth.  Kuwait was Saddam's attempt to rebuild the wealth lost during the Iraq war.  The remainder of the weak Jupiter cycle, until 1999, saw Iraq's wealth further dissipate.

     Iraq's Saturn planetary cycle began in 1999, which induced Saddam to stubbornly resist sanctions and inspections.  The Mercury subcycle began in February 2002, stimulating the lying and deceptions masking the paper tiger so well that Saddam believed Iraq would not be attacked by the U.S.  This Mercury sub- cycle also signaled full strength for the Saturn major cycle.  As Saturn rules the eighth house of death, it is natural for the country to have died.

     Saddam Hussein's own chart mirror's the country's path.  This was discussed in the January 2, 2003 forecast, #5 Face-off Bush/Hussein, which I interpreted with some accuracy.  In section V The Hussein Thorn In Bush's Side, I stated,  In Hussein's chart, Scorpio is his 6th house of enemies, where the combination of Mars, Moon and Rahu are placed that make him both violent and ruthless.  In VI Timetable For Battle, I further wrote, For Hussein, on April 4, (2003) his 10 year Moon cycle (a weak major cycle which has brought him failures), yields to his powerfully destructive 7 year Mars cycle.  I also predicted Saddam would be killed after April 16, 2003. I missed how completely ruinous Saddam's ten year Moon cycle  (from 1993 to 2003) was for both the country and on his mind.  I also partially misread the beginning of his seven year Mars cycle, believing he would lose his life, when he actually lost his mind and power.

     As was seen in the other national charts, Rahu and Ketu play pivotal roles.  While these planets can perform to advantage in some placements, here they bring war and greed.  Iraq's (Ketu) oil revenue, which could have made the entire country wealthy, was wasted on fruitless wars and not fully developed.  This, then, is not Iraq's chart for prosperity from oil.

Iraq Astrocartography   (1958 Military Coup)

1958 Iraq's Astrocartography
     The Mideast Astrocartography map has a Sun line through eastern Iran, indicating Saddam's paranoia about Iran's religious government and also his coveting Iran's wealth.  

     Venus/Saturn/Moon lines through Egypt suggest an ambivalence with Egypt --  that country was both a Saturnian enemy and close to Iraq's heart in some way.

     Not shown is the U.S. map, where a Sun line runs through the nation's heartland and influences Washington DC as well.  Here the Sun line signifies fear of the U.S. and envy for its wealth.


2004 Iraq's Vedic Chart 

     This is another Kala Sarpa chart, like Saudi Arabia and President Bush, indicating a fated life of rise and fall or fall and rise.  The planetary cycles at birth, Rahu/Ketu/Saturn, suggest the new government may fall quickly, in a matter of months.

     Jupiter, ruling the fifth house of government, is highly favorable in its placement in the first house, which is Leo, the sign of government.  This also brings Jupiterian optimism and faith into the new government.  Venus too is well placed in the tenth house of government and the public, suggesting a positive, hopeful and compassionate attitude..  However, the Sun, another indicator of government, is constrained by a very difficult Saturn in the eleventh house of friends.  The U.S. is that distrusted and controlling friend,   This suggests the government cannot express itself freely.  As Saturn rules the sixth house of enemies and the seventh house of partnerships, the U.S. partner is truly an enemy, or at least Iraq is suspicious of the U.S.  Of course, the insurgents are Iraq's other enemies.

Iraq (Provisional)
June 28, 2004 10:26 AM  Baghdad

At Birth:  Rahu/Ketu/Saturn/Mercury
Rahu/Venus 10/8/04 to 10/8/07

      Mercury with Saturn is interesting, for this signifies Saturnian focus against enemies, but also deception by them.  The Iraq government must be totally absorbed in how to deal with the twin problems of a controlling and deceptive U.S. and a deceptive violent insurgency.  Saturn also brings tough response to threats from the insurgency, which account for the government's intent to impose marital law.

     The perceptional Moon here is badly injured by being so closely conjunct Ketu and being aspected by Mars in the desirous third house.  There is an unstable and charged up mind, which will act in strange, even deranged ways. 

     With Ketu being gas and oil, look for gov- ernment policies and actions in that area to be often irrational.  As the third house is close associates, there's a strong influence for officials within the government to act for personal gain from the oil through trickery or fraud.   

     Two more planetary disposition is are of concern.

      Rahu in the ninth house of religion, philosophy and wealth influences for bizarre philosophies and also greed.  Mars, which rules the ninth house of philosophy and wealth and the fourth house of the home, is terribly placed in its fallen sign in the twelfth house of loss.  This means Mars-inspired violent philosophies are intended to gain wealth but only bring the poverty of loss and cost the home to be lost.

     Looking ahead the next few months, it seems predestined that the early Jupiter/Venus optimism and hope will be dashed.  The planetary cycles at birth of Rahu/Ketu/Saturn/Mercury can only bring the destructive effects discussed above for these planets.  The Kala Sarpa Yoga is also activated these cycles.   Further, the three planets in Iraq's eleventh house begin soon to transit into the twelfth of loss, where birthchart Mars will stimulate anger and violence.  At the same time, transit Mars will move into Iraq's first house, bringing more strife.  The provisional government will find its problems mounting over the next two months, and the initial public support will vanish. The government must fall for being a feeble puppet of the U.S. while it attempts to fight an indomitable insurgency, although the U.S. would make every effort to prop it up.  July looks bad and August looks even worse.


     Again in this chart, Rahu/Ketu play pivotal roles, in this case signifying a poorly conceived puppet government that must fail.  

Iraq Provisional Astrocartography

2004 Iraq's Astrocartography
     The Jupiter/Venus lines running through Iraq are auspicious for supporting the benevolent and hopeful start of the new government.  As these lines run south through Saudi Arabia and north through Turkey and into Russia, Iraq may find support from those countries.

     A Sun line running through Pakistan, close to India and again north into Russia is again favorable for support, this directly to the government.

     Not shown is the U.S., where a Mars line runs close to Washington DC., indicating increasing friction and loss of this partnership. 


Forecast Conclusions
     Ketu and Rahu, the past and the future, appear to have indeed brought their ancient karmas into the current future to address in the Mideast, where a literal sea of oil draws the entire world's attention.

     Iran may be maturing into an Islamic state with a balance of personal freedoms.  Planetary cycles of Ketu and Rahu from January 2004 to January 2005 indicate Iran is encountering some heavy karma, pitting its Ketu detachment against Rahu strife with other countries.

     Israel, outside the oil concerns, is yet the lynchpin in relationships both within and without the Mideast.  That its Ketu subcycle ends in August is auspicious for calming the violence, but progress toward peace will be withheld until August 2005, when Israel enters its ten year Moon Cycle.  Then, if Israel has matured through its Sadi Sati by releasing old and no longer necessary attachments, and elects a woman prime minister as well, peace will be at hand.

     Saudi Arabia is suffering now from the natural consequences of its previous actions, which are being actualized through its Kala Sarpa Yoga.  This was activated in August 2003 and ends in February 2005.  While the country's natural inclination would be to follow the Islamic model in Iran, the royal family will be unable to accommodate this issuance of religion into their autocracy.  Look for the government to fall.

     Iraq's provisional government is a Kala Sarpa disaster just waiting to happen in the next few months.  This will cause President Bush's final downfall but also pave the way for a truly international effort to rescue the country from itself.

     In summary, there's a convergence of karmas in these four key Mideast countries occurring now that will transform the Mideast.  The question is, will the area further disintegrate into chaos or rescue itself?


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