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Applying Vedic Astrology To Business Endeavors

     Have you ever struggled through a difficult job interview that you thought you would easily coast through?  How many times has a potential new employer ignored you?  Does a current supervisor not recognize your accomplishments?  Why does satisfaction with your job elude you?  For example, why was that Denver sales pitch a failure, but often when visiting Houston, orders come pouring in?

     Vedic-based Business Consultations will enhance career, entrepreneurial success and personal business endeavors by matching your karmas (planetary symbolism) to your actions.  Vedic-based Business Consultations can actually guide you toward your best investment of your precious savings to build a secure future.

     Vedic-based analyses take into account the following topics:

     World trends, as described in The Celestial Wheel (part of Doug Riemer’s ongoing efforts to assist clients on a twice-weekly basis) and how they influence all business endeavors, including yours!  For example, the summer/fall real estate turndown was forecasted last April 2005, but there may be fire sale purchase opportunities this coming summer.

     The Vedic Chart's unveiling both cyclical karmic influences and lifelong karmas (strengths and weaknesses) that affect success in specific areas and stipulate when it is best to launch activities.  Also, the use of remedial measures (gemstones, mantra and Ayurvedic techniques) will uplift weak areas to overcome restriction and improve results.

     Making a map from your personal astrocartography locates places favorable to specific endeavors and shows other places that are negative for success.  Astrocartography also describes the energies people bring from other locations, again, for good or ill.

     By applying these three analytical tools, business plans are developed for the client to optimize short and long term results.

     Another example of how Vedic Business Consulting is helpful is in the hiring process.  Vedic Astrology can easily identify an applicant’s abilities, as well as how they fit into an organization.  This has always been a hit and miss endeavor when using traditional human resources techniques.

     Successful Vedic business consulting clients are an eclectic mix: home sale and purchase, import/export, estate asset liquidation, airplane leasing, medical spa, computer software career advancement, art administration and personal investment planning.  Literally any business activity can be enhanced with Vedic insights; it provides a potent edge in an increasingly competitive world.  Clients are typically individuals, but corporate and institutional groups can also benefit.  Their larger scale only enhances benefits received.  Further, the process is cost efficient and quick.  A marketing company would charge thousands of dollars and take months to survey a location for a new product, while Vedic Business Consulting can answer that question for a fair and reasonable fee and in fewer hours.


The square Vedic chart
The round Vedic transit wheel


A Vedic Astrologer With A Business Background

    Doug Riemer's education and knowledge of corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting venues uphold his use of Vedic techniques in his business recommendations.  His Vedic insight offers a substantial advantage in today’s aggressive business world.

     Doug Riemer graduated from Williston Academy in Easthampton, MA in 1966.  He also holds a BA degree from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA, with a dual major in economics and political science.  In 1975, Doug completed a two-year MPS (Masters in Professional Studies) program at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, earning a 3.3 grade point average.  Doug has over twenty years of business experience in Sarasota (Longboat Key), FL in corporate and entrepreneurial consulting.  His education and business expertise provides for purposeful application of Vedic techniques in a business environment.


The Business Consultation Process And Fees

     An initial interview is followed by analysis of the client’s personal and business happenings.  Vedic charts and Astrocartography maps are used, as applicable.  (See the essays Vedic Life Consultation and Astrocartography Consultation.)  Detailed planning for achievable business goals follow, and recommendations for specific actions at favorable times are proposed.  Consultation work is done in person, by telephone and e-mail, as appropriate.  For the business analysis task, new clients are charged a $500 retainer fee.  For continuing clients, the retainer is adjusted downward to reflect work previously done.  For all clients, follow-up consultations for additional planning are billed at $100 hourly, with a minimum fee of $75 for a 45 minute consultation.

     To initiate the Business Consultation process, please fill out this encrypted form:  

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A solar Spinel  for power and

Yellow Topaz for Jupiter's wealth

Doug Riemer's Astrocartography for his Sedona, Arizona home.  

This location is auspicious for astrology and career but stipulates diligence





J.T.  Maryland.  owner, advertising agency

    Doug has been an invaluable resource for developing my strategic marketing and advertising design business.  He has provided overall guidance on what types of clients I will be most successful with and has pinpointed time periods when I can anticipate growth.  More recently, Doug advised me on the most beneficial timing for closing the deal on the transition of my business to another owner -- so that I can pursue other interests that are calling me!  I can’t imagine working through any of this without having the benefit of his knowledge and an understanding of how to use the planetary influences to my advantage!

M.L. Maryland -- property sale
      In spring of 2001 I planned a move from Arizona back to the East Coast.  I spent a lot of time preparing the house...as I knew from my real estate background, and listed with  a prominent Scottsdale Realtor.  I anticipated a quick sale based on past experience of listings in my desirable townhouse neighborhood.  So  I was not surprised to receive a good offer within a couple  weeks, but the buyers changed their mind within the 3 day "buyer's  remorse" period.  I soon had another good offer, but again it fell apart within days.  Another few weeks went by, and a couple who had viewed the house earlier, fly to AZ to make an offer.  Coincidentally, the broker of a similar unit in the neighborhood  priced his listing at least $30,000 below market value. That unit sold within hours in a feeding frenzy.  My potential buyers were scared off and decided not to make the offer.  The unfortunate dumping of the similar unit a block away just about shut down the market for my house.
      By this time, Spring  was over.  Snowbirds were long gone.  The heat was going to be unbearable for the next 4 months.  The summer is the equivalent to the depths of winter up north as far as real estate goes in the  Phoenix area.  I wondered if I should drop the  price dramatically just to get out of there.  My Realtor and I  talked.  All his feedback from other Realtors said that the house was priced right, and there was nothing about the house impeding a sale.
      I e-mailed Doug for his opinion.  He said to sit tight and 
not lower the price.  A couple weeks later, Doug noticed that Mercury  (a business planet for me) was turning stationary in a good place --  a powerfully beneficial influence.  He emailed me that I would sell the property between Friday afternoon at 6pm and Sunday afternoon at  4pm.

    Friday at 6pm I called Doug, catching him on his cell in the car.  Out of the blue (so it seemed) about 4pm I had received a FULL PRICE,  CASH, NO CONTINGENCY contract on the house to close in 30 days.  Doug congratulated me and apologized for being 2 hours off on the timing!!
      The buyers were a dream, completely gracious, helpful, and not  worried about any details.  We sailed to closing, no problems  whatsoever.  And the funny thing is that this offer was the best one of all.

M.M. California -- career & romance

     Doug’s unique blend of astrological/metaphysical skill and his practical, worldly knowledge has been a tremendous asset to me in planning my career.  He helped me to realize that teaching -- my chosen profession -- was right for me but that I would find more satisfaction by applying my skills in the hi-tech industry.  

     In the bigger picture, Doug helped me to recognize that now is the time for me to apply my efforts to wordily pursuits, such as career, and that the time for other, more spiritual pursuits, will come later.  Because of him, I saw that if I wanted to realize my dream of having a career traveling the world and teaching technical material, then now is the time to do it.  Doug looked at my vedic cycles for the coming months and years and was able to map out the exact times that were auspicious for me to take significant steps towards meeting my goals. As though on schedule, I achieved a position with a preeminent software company as a traveling instructor. 

     Doug always told me that once I stepped into my right position that I would find a satisfying romance.  Within a few months of taking my new job I met a terrific man with whom I am very happily involved.

P.F. Arizona -- finding her Dharma

    You helped me a lot with the Vedic readings, giving me the guidance I needed and more security in my own self to make the right decisions -- to be able to make the right changes in my life, and jump to do only what I love the most -- using my gifts as a healer, clairvoyant and trans-medium.  The timing accuracy has been amazing, and the gemstones help a lot too.  I like your website.  It's attractive and says everything. wowww. So much information.

R.C. California -- owner, export/import business

     I have found Doug Riemer's business consultations quite accurate and effective in helping the development of my business.  Actually, I do not make a move without consulting Doug.  His work is extremely beneficial.  I will not put into effect a business plan or action before he reviews my astrological chart and advises my next step.


Doug Riemer

PO box 3127  Sedona, Arizona 86340
(928) 203-4347  [email protected] 


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