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     Real Estate Consultations unveil the hidden karmic currents that first inflated the real estate market and now cause its decline -- bringing strife to homeowners.  These currents elicit from global influences, the U.S. chart.  Individual charts of homeowners indicate planetary karmas cause risk and loss.  Astrocartography analysis reveals locational influences, again for good or ill. 

     By investigating and interpreting past, current and future planetary karmas, outcomes can be predicted and strategies suggested to promote favorable results, or alternatively, limit loss.

Vedic analyses apply the following tools:


     World trends, as described in The Celestial Wheel, give a big picture view of global economic, political and social trends, some impacting real estate.  The Celestial Wheel has naturally focused upon the U.S. chart, for this country originated the real estate bubble, which peaked in July 2005, has been declining since early 2006 and hasn't yet reached bottom.  Predictive work is ongoing to determine the market's bottom and recovery. 

     The Vedic charts of the homeowner(s) are analyzed for the origination of the current problem.  Additional charts, such as the spouse, children and the home purchase date, are also reviewed as appropriate.


   Homeowner(s)' Astrocartography maps give locational information about the home's value and marketability, as well as favorable and unfavorable areas from where purchase prospects originate.  Astrocartography is also useful if you are considering relocation.

     By applying these analytical tools, time-sensitive strategies are developed to extricate homeowners stuck with properties that either won't sell or have become too costly to continue ownership.  


A Vedic Astrologer With Real Estate Expertise

    Doug Riemer's education and experience in economics and real estate combine with Vedic foresight to provide an in-depth understanding of real estate and the alternatives for troubled homeowners.

     Doug holds a 1970 BA degree in economics from Bucknell University.  In 1975, Doug completed a two-year MPS (Masters in Professional Studies) program at Cornell University, where he focused upon resort rental properties.  Doug Riemer then undertook a twenty year career in Sarasota, FLorida in real estate development and vacation properties operations.  His employment was corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting levels.  Doug obtained his real estate salesman's license in 1978 and his broker's license in 1982.

     A full time professional Vedic Astrologer since 1999, Doug has assisted many personal clients with their real estate needs and concerns.  In 2002, Doug launched The Celestial Wheel, his uniquely broad-based and accurate world forecasting service.  The Celestial Wheel

correctly predicted the top of the real estate boom in July 2005 an its decline beginning in the fall of 2006.


The Real Estate Consultation Process

     Please complete and submit this encrypted form.  An initial half hour telephone or in-person interview follows to gain additional background information.

                                         Real Estate Consultation Information

    Doug then calculates and analyses your charts and maps with regard to the history, current situation. upcoming karmas and the local real estate market.  (For specific information about charts and maps, see the essays Vedic Life Consultation and Astrocartography Consultation.) 

    Doug next mails you a consultation packet to acquaint you with chart and map layouts.

     A two hour consultation is then scheduled, again either by phone or in person.   This session is digitally recorded.  The consultation focuses upon planning for achievable resolution of the property problem(s), with recommendations for specific actions at favorable times.  A post-consultation packet with the audio CD's and documents generated during the consultation is then mailed to you.

     When you receive your post-consultation packet, please listen to the CDs, referencing the documents.  If you then have follow-up questions to clarify consultation information, please pose these by e-mail within two weeks to facilitate a thoughtful response.  There is no additional fee for these clarifications within this two week period.


    New clients are charged a fee ranging from $300 to $500, depending upon the complexity of the real estate issue.  For continuing clients, the retainer is reduced to reflect work previously done.  Follow-up consultations for additional planning are billed at $100 hourly, with a minimum fee of $75 for a 45 minute consultation.   Follow-up consultations again can be done in person or by telephone and are digitally recorded with CD's burned and given to you.  In some situations, follow-ups can be done by email.


A solar Spinel  for power and

Yellow Topaz for Jupiter's wealth

Doug Riemer's Astrocartography for his Sedona, Arizona home.  

This location is auspicious for astrology and career but is difficult for home ownership


A Testimonial 

M.L. Maryland
      In the spring I planned a move from Arizona back to the East Coast.  I spent a lot of time preparing the house...as I knew from my real estate background, and listed with  a prominent Scottsdale Realtor.  I anticipated a quick sale based on past experience of listings in my desirable townhouse neighborhood.  So  I was not surprised to receive a good offer within a couple  weeks, but the buyers changed their mind within the 3 day "buyer's  remorse" period.  I soon had another good offer, but again it fell apart within days.  Another few weeks went by, and a couple who had viewed the house earlier, fly to AZ to make an offer.  Coincidentally, the broker of a similar unit in the neighborhood  priced his listing at least $30,000 below market value. That unit sold within hours in a feeding frenzy.  My potential buyers were scared off and decided not to make the offer.  The unfortunate dumping of the similar unit a block away just about shut down the market for my house.
      By this time, Spring  was over.  Snowbirds were long gone.  The heat was going to be unbearable for the next 4 months.  The summer is the equivalent to the depths of winter up north as far as real estate goes in the  Phoenix area.  I wondered if I should drop the  price dramatically just to get out of there.  My Realtor and I  talked.  All his feedback from other Realtors said that the house was priced right, and there was nothing about the house impeding a sale.
      I e-mailed Doug for his opinion.  He said to sit tight and 
not lower the price.  A couple weeks later, Doug noticed that Mercury  (a business planet for me) was turning stationary in a good place --  a powerfully beneficial influence.  He emailed me that I would sell the property between Friday afternoon at 6pm and Sunday afternoon at  4pm.

    Friday at 6pm I called Doug, catching him on his cell in the car.  Out of the blue (so it seemed) about 4pm I had received a FULL PRICE,  CASH, NO CONTINGENCY contract on the house to close in 30 days.  Doug congratulated me and apologized for being 2 hours off on the timing!!
      The buyers were a dream, completely gracious, helpful, and not  worried about any details.  We sailed to closing, no problems  whatsoever.  And the funny thing is that this offer was the best one of all.


Doug Riemer

PO box 3127  Sedona, Arizona 86340
(928) 203-4347  [email protected] 


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